Unico presents the collection of the craftsman who studied for long time the techniques of the major Italian marquetry masters of the past, he refined the techniques and reinterpreted their stylistic perfection and executive skills with its own peculiar sensitivity.

Each piece is unique and is the reproduction of the original that can not be purchased, because they belong to the collections of the most important historical buildings and museums around the world; each work has required months of study of ancient models, by their original location, and then, months and years of careful, meticulous, inspired work by his own workshop, using all the tools and techniques of the tradition handed down for generations. At least we have the liveliness of lacquered furniture in Venetian style, ornamental baroque carving, the linearity of classicism up to the inlays of ivory, semi-precious stones and mother of pearl.

More than words, in any case, the images that we present in the catalogue are meaningful.